The Bree Collaborative (Washington State)

AJRR and the Bree Collaborative TKR/TJR Bundle for Hospitals in WA

The Bree Collaborative is a partnership established to provide a mechanism through which public and private health care stakeholders can work together to improve quality, health outcomes, and cost effectiveness of care in Washington State. Workgroups made up of Bree members and community experts send quality improvement recommendations to health care purchasers. Our mission aligns with the goals of the Bree Collaborative, and the "Repair of the Osteoarthritic Joint" section of the Bree Collaborative TKR/THR Bundle requires all implants to be registered using the AJRR.

Nearly 50% of Bree Collaborative members are currently participating in the AJRR. If you are a Washington institution that is not yet participating in the National Registry but would like to qualify for the TKR/THR Bundle, contact AJRR Program Coordinator Phil Dwyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on how to enroll.