Data Elements We Collect

We have the capability of collecting several different levels of data. Certain data levels and specific measures may be required by either AJRR or CMS to qualify for some quality initiatives. Below is a list of the data levels with links to more detailed information.

Level I Data (Patient-related data)

Patient-related data: name (last, first), date of birth (DOB), Social Security Number (SSN), diagnosis (ICD-10*), gender, race/ethnicity; address; hospital-related data: name, hospital name and National Provider Identifier (NPI); surgeon-related data: surgeon name and NPI; procedure-related data: type (ICD-10*, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)), date of surgery, laterality, implants (catalog number and lot number or unique device identifier (UDI) and production identifier)

*We can collect ICD-9 and CPT retrospective data as well.


Level II Data (Patient risk factors, comorbidities, and complications)

Patient risk factors and comorbidities (ICD-10*), American Society of Anesthesiologists Score, Operative and Post-operative Complications

AJRR ComorbidityGuidev2 FINALCOVER







AJRR's 8-pg Level II Guide


*We can collect ICD-9 and CPT retrospective data as well.

Level III Data (Patient-reported outcomes)

Recommended Measures: VR-12, PROMIS-10 Global Health, HOOS, JR. and KOOS, JR.

We also accept: SF-36, HOOS/modified WOMAC, KOOS/modified WOMAC, Oxford Hip and Knee Scores, Knee Society Knee Scoring System, Harris Hip Score, and only final scores for WOMAC, SF-12, EQ-5D (3L-5L)

AJRR 4-pg PRO Whitepaper                       AJRR 24-pg PRO Guide


For a detailed look at
how our Level III data elements align with
the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement,
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