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We believe that we are improving orthopaedic care through data – it’s in our tagline, our mission conveys this mantra, and our staff lives this through the daily interactions with the people who work at the hospitals, surgery centers, and private practice groups who give us their data. This section gives you an in-depth look at our data processes and answers your questions – from what we need from you to how to submit data.

We collect, convert, and compile data from participants into our own aggregate format. We produce numerous options for comparative reports individualized by institution, surgeon, procedure, implant, manufacturer, and other value-added criteria. Our patient-reported outcomes platform can also be used for survey deployment, collection, and viewing.

Our Registry aligns with several Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) quality initiatives. By submitting data to the AJRR, we can help your institution with quality initiatives like the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model. The AJRR is dedicated to helping you participate in these quality improvement initiatives and adopt tools that may enhance your clinical practice. Visit our quality initiatives page for more information.

Data Elements We Collect

We have the capability of collecting several different levels of data. Certain data levels and specific measures may be required by either AJRR or CMS to qualify for some quality initiatives. Below is a list of the data levels with links to more detailed information.

Level I Data (Patient-related data)

Patient-related data: name (last, first), date of birth (DOB), Social Security Number (SSN), diagnosis (ICD-10*), gender, race/ethnicity; address; hospital-related data: name, hospital name and National Provider Identifier (NPI); surgeon-related data: surgeon name and NPI; procedure-related data: type (ICD-10*, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)), date of surgery, laterality, implants (catalog number and lot number or unique device identifier (UDI) and production identifier)

*We can collect ICD-9 and CPT retrospective data as well.


Level II Data (Patient risk factors, comorbidities, and complications)

Patient risk factors and comorbidities (ICD-10*), American Society of Anesthesiologists Score, Operative and Post-operative Complications

AJRR ComorbidityGuidev2 FINALCOVER







AJRR's 8-pg Level II Guide


*We can collect ICD-9 and CPT retrospective data as well.

Level III Data (Patient-reported outcomes)

Recommended Measures: VR-12, PROMIS-10 Global Health, HOOS, JR. and KOOS, JR.

We also accept: SF-36, HOOS/modified WOMAC, KOOS/modified WOMAC, Oxford Hip and Knee Scores, Knee Society Knee Scoring System, Harris Hip Score, and only final scores for WOMAC, SF-12, EQ-5D (3L-5L)

For a detailed look at how our Level III data elements align with the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement, visit our CJR page.

AAOS Registry Program PROMS Guide 2018 Cover

AAOS Registry Program 26-pg PROMs Guide





Patient-Reported Outcomes

Submitting Data to the Registry is Easy

Submitting data to our Registry is a simple process. It involves extracting procedures from your organization’s EHR system, and then submitting files through our secure site. The AJRR secure transfer site implements both a SFTP and a HTTPS service for participating institutions. Both services present AJRR extended validation certificates and automatically encrypt all data upon landing.

We accept data files in either .csv or .xls format, and recommend that files be uploaded monthly. We encourage the submission of retrospective data, and have no limit on how far back an institution can go.

Does AJRR Collaborate with Technology Vendors?

Yes, indeed! We have agreements with several EHR/technology vendors to assist with the data submission process. These agreements entail extracting certain levels of client data or sending data on behalf of clients. If your institution uses one of the vendors below, data transmission to the Registry can be streamlined. However, don’t worry if you do not utilize one of the vendors listed below; we will work with you to find an easy solution.

These AJRR Authorized Vendors send data on behalf of their clients:AJRR Authorized Vendor Logo

· Aver  

· Cedaron   Cedaron logo 

· Clarify Health Solutions CHS logo horizontal blue 2

· CODE Technology CODE technology logo

· Consensus Medical Systems, Inc.   consensus logo2

· Duet Health  Duet Health Logo

· FORCE Therapeutics  Simple Force Logo

· Invivolink, Inc.  invivolink logo

· Kermit   Kermit Cyan

· MedTrak, Inc. (CareSense System) CareSense
· [m]pirik mpirik logo
· OM1     OM1 Logo horizontal color

· Ortech, Inc. ortech logo

· OrthoSensor, Inc.  orthosensor logo

· OutcomeMD OutcomeMD logo

· Q-Centrix q-centrix

· Ratchet Healthratchet logo horizontal2

· Ready Surgery ReadySurgery FullLogoOnTransparentwebsite

· Surgical Outcomes System (Arthrex) SOS logo

· Tonic Solutions, Inc.  tonic logo

· URS-Oberd, Inc.  oberd logo on-white

· ValidCare ValidCare logo

· VisionTree  VisionTree Logo

· VitalHealth Software  VHS Logo 2166x1019

· Vox Telehealth   VOX Telehealth Logo

· Wellbe, Inc. Wellbe logo

· Wellpepper, Inc.  Wellpepper logo

These three vendors do not send data on behalf of clients, rather they provide data extract templates:

· Amkai Solutions Amkai Primary Logo

· Cerner  Cerner logo

· Epic   Epic logo

If you are technology vendor who is interested in sending data on behalf of your clients, we'd like to talk to you. Please fill out the Technology Vendor Interest Form and someone will get back to you with information about our Authorized Vendor program.


Our Registry is Secure and Compliant

We are HIPAA and HITECH Compliant
We’re a Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act compliant organization. This has lead to us documenting and implementing policy, as well as training employees according to the regulations. Some of the data we collect will qualify as protected health information (PHI) under HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. We take data security seriously and employ several steps to safeguard patient privacy.

We utilize industry-wide best security practices when it comes to the integrity and safeguarding of our sensitive information. You can be confident in knowing that we have employed internal risk management practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We’ve activated strong authentication measures and strong encryption algorithms that meet industry standard criteria. In addition, we’ve implemented administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of the confidential patient information.

AuditGraphiccroppedOur Annual Audit Confirms Data Integrity
You can be confident about your institution’s data integrity. To ensure that AJRR's data and reporting are as accurate as possible, every year we undergo a third-party audit of a sample of our participating hospitals. Quality Insights is a non-profit organization that works with numerous medical specialty organizations and the federal government on a variety of quality initiatives. They have audited our data since 2013, and their latest finding from our 2016 data audit has the overall agreement rate for the medical record review at 98.4%. The overall agreement rate was 96.9% in 2015.


Access Your Data Through Reports and Dashboards

dashboard704kgoodWe’ve upgraded our RegistryInsightsTM dashboard with details toward enhanced performance and improved analyses. We’ve redesigned the navigation and utilized drag and drop features to create powerful visualizations of the data that now includes widgets from a central spot to better understand what’s happening at your institution and to compare against national benchmarks. With more than a million procedures in the database, you can analyze and drill down on individual data points that matter most to you. These national benchmarks are created within the system using de-identified, aggregate data from all participating facilities in the Registry. Additionally, you can bookmark and save filters for the data points you use most frequently. And best of all, you can get access to your data within 48 hours of submission.

Run Your Reports in RegistryInsights

With all of the data that hospitals and surgery centers receive from their patients, it may be a difficult task to narrow down what you’re specifically looking for. You’re in luck: RegistryInsights allow you to run over 25 different reports on your institution’s data. Each report provides diverse pieces of information that help paint a complete picture of your arthroplasty practices. Below is a list of the reports available, separated by Level.
Level I Reports:
· Count of Procedures by Procedure Code
· Hip Procedures Submitted to the AJRR
· Component Count by Type and Manufacturer
· Procedures Submitted with Component Information
· Knee Procedures Submitted to the AJRR
Level III Reports:
· Patient Portal Report
· Patient Zip Code
· HOOS Summary Report
· HOOS, JR. Summary Report
· KOOS Summary Report
· KOOS, JR. Summary Report
· PROMIS-10 Global Health Summary Report
· VR-12 Summary Report
· VR-12 Full Report with Patient Responses
· EUROQOL Summary Report
· Harris Hip Score Summary Report
· Knee Society Knee Scoring Post-Operative Summary Report
· Knee Society Knee Scoring Pre-Operative Summary Report
· Oxford Hip Score Summary Report
· Oxford Knee Score Summary Report
· SF-12 Summary Report
· SF-36 Summary Report
· WOMAC Summary Report
· Patients with Email Addresses

A custom report can be generated from your data for a nominal fee. For information on custom reports, contact us.

Compare Your Institution to National Benchmarks with the Dashboards

Collecting data and measuring patient outcomes against how you’ve performed in the past can improve the quality of patient care. However, even more valuable is the ability to compare your institution’s data to that of national benchmarks, which is exactly what AJRR’s dashboards allow. Easy-to-understand dashboard graphs help you visualize how your data stacks up against the other (de-identified) participants in the Registry, and you are given the option of changing the scope of the data. You can access graphs that compare your individual hospital or your entire health system to national demographics.

Analyze Your PROMs Data with Our Level III Dashboards - Included with your Participation

If your institution collects patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) or is planning on starting a program, you may be interested in our Level III system and dashboards. You can use our system for survey deployment, collection, and viewing. Our Level III PROMs dashboards feature comparative graphs of the AJRR recommended measures. They are available at the national, health system, and hospital level. You can email your patients for survey taking.

 How do I Access RegistryInsights?

In order to access your facility’s data, you must purchase a subscription to the dashboard system. If your institution has purchased a subscription and you’ve received username and password credentials, you can log into the site from the website (in the upper right hand corner under "Registry Login").

Make the Most of Your Participation

AAOS Registry Program User Group Network Logo

The best way to know if you are receiving the most value from your Registry experience is to join the Registry Program’s User Group Network (Unet). It’s free for all participants, and allows you to learn and explore educational opportunities from other users. There are quarterly conference calls, webinars on a wide-variety of topics, and a yearly in-person meeting. Visit our Unet page to learn more.

Can I Access AJRR Data for Research Proposals?

As the National Registry for hip and knee arthroplasty, we understand that our colleagues may want to have opportunities to access the data in our Registry to conduct further analyses to address specific hypotheses beyond our national benchmarks.

In the near future, we will have a standardized application process for request of our data sets or submission of these such proposals. All applications will be reviewed by our Data Committee. For more information about using our data, please contact Dena Weitzman, Registry Analytics Lead, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (847) 384-4111.

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