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The American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) is dedicated to improving orthopaedic care through collecting, analyzing, and benchmarking data from across the entire United States. We are a not-for-profit organization that brings quality improvement initiatives for total hip and knee replacements to hospitals, private practice groups, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, physicians, and the public. We also provide comprehensive orthopaedic knowledge and will potentially identify problems before they are discovered by public health agencies. The wide range of actionable information and reporting we provide helps improve patient care.

All About the Data

We believe that we are improving orthopaedic care through data – it’s in our tagline, our mission conveys this mantra, and our staff lives this through the daily interactions with the people who work at the hospitals, surgery centers, and private practice groups who give us their data. We collect, convert, and compile the data from participants into our own aggregate format, and produce numerous options for comparative reports individualized by institution, surgeon, procedure, implant, manufacturer, or other value-added criteria.

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You can participate in the Registry for a small fee! Health systems, hospitals, surgical centers, practice groups, surgeons, and other participants can contribute data at almost no cost. In exchange, you will receive a Yearly Report of your data. Access to the RegistryInsights™ dashboards, patient-reported outcomes module, and unlimited reporting of your data requires a slightly more expensive subscription fee.

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Promoting Your Participation

As an AJRR participating site, you have access to a variety of promotional resources – at no charge to you!

See a List of Our Promotional Resources Promoting Your Participation.


Download our 2018 Getting Started Guide which

has key information contained in it to get started today!


AJRR Getting Started Guide









For our Surgery Center version, click here.


It's Easy

Getting started with us is easy!
Click on these four simple steps:

  • To get started, connect with your state or site type AAOS Registry Engagement Associate who will guide you through the expectations for enrollment and participation.

    You should also:

    • Request a RegistryInsights demo
    • Enlist the support of your internal team (including EHR experts, surgeons, and staff)

    Now you’re ready for step 2.

  • As the process moves forward, you will:

    • Receive AJRR contracts and review them with your legal department
    • Execute a fully signed contract
    • Initiate IT discussions with your team and ours

    You can now begin to integrate your system and prepare to submit your data! Move on to Step 3 for details.

  • You will continue to work closely with AJRR staff on system integration as you:

    • Review data fields in IT pre-work
    • Create and send a test data file for review
    • Designate and train an Authorized User
    • Begin monthly data submission to AJRR

    You’re almost done. See step 4 to complete the process.

  • Congratulations, you’re ready to report your data! With the username and password you receive, you can access the system to:

    • View your data within the Registry within 48 hours of submission
    • Run detailed reports on your data
    • Compare results with national benchmarks on the dashboards
    • Participate in AAOS Registry Program User Group and share best practices

    In addition, you can take advantage of ongoing support from AAOS Registry Program staff.

Not sure if your hospital is a participant or not? Search here.

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Get Started Today

Please contact your AAOS Registry Engagement Associate from your state or institution type as indicated in the map below.

Our Registry Engagement Associates will take you through the enrollment process and answer any questions on participation.

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Frosiana Gjerazi
Registry Engagement Associate, West
(847) 384-4193
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mariah Matesi
Registry Engagement Associate, East
(847) 384-4080
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phil Dwyer
Manager of Registry Enagagement, ASCs and Private Practices
(847) 384-4079
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Connect with Your AJRR Registry Engagement Associate

  • There is no commitment on your part
  • Your Registry Engagement Associate will contact you to schedule a time to demonstrate AJRR's RegistryInsights™ dashboards
  • Your Registry Engagement Associate will answer any questions you may have and can initiate the enrollment process when you are ready

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