Our Participating Hospitals and ASCs


About Working With Us

Getting started with us is easy!
Click on these four simple steps:

  • To get started, connect with your state AJRR Business Development Representative who will guide you through the expectations for enrollment and participation.

    You should also:

    • Attend our Introductory Webinar
    • Enlist the support of your internal team (including EMR experts, surgeons, and staff)

    Now you’re ready for step 2.

  • As the process moves forward, you will:

    • Receive AJRR contracts and review them with your legal department
    • Discuss participation requirements in further detail with AJRR staff
    • Execute a fully signed contract
    • Initiate discussions with your internal IT team and with AJRR IT staff

    You can now begin to integrate your system and prepare to submit your data! Move on to Step 3 for details.

  • You will continue to work closely with AJRR staff on system integration as you:

    • Review data fields in IT pre-work
    • Create and send a test data file from your EMR for review
    • Designate and train an Authorized User at your hospital
    • Begin monthly data submission to AJRR

    You’re almost done. See step 4 to complete the process.

  • Congratulations, you’re ready to report your data! With the username and password you receive, you can access the system to:

    • View your data within the Registry
    • Run detailed reports on your data
    • Compare results with national benchmarks on the dashboards

    In addition, you can take advantage of ongoing customer service and IT support from AJRR staff and opportunities for community building.


Our Participating Hospitals